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Also I like the fact that they are non GMO.

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We find Laura Soy beans to be of excellent quality. We do not make milk or tofu but we do cook them and make into soup and salads they are very good this way. We also like to grind them and use them like cornmeal in bread. We are glad they are non gmo. Have tried various soybeans over the years but nothing compares to Laura soybeans period! There is no beanie taste at all.

It just has a full bodied creamy taste. I have been having a great time playing around with the Soymilk machine you sell and trying out all kinds of ideas and recipes. Laura soybeans are the best.

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I will never use any other soybean. This review has not been compensated in any way. I started making my own soymilk over a decade ago. I started because I went vegan for a period of time. Even though I am no eat a vegan diet, I have still continued to make my own soymilk. Just a few additional things like lemon juice to curdle it make it a perfect alternative to milk in so many baked goods. I have tried many different varieties of soy beans and found that Laura Soybeans to give the best flavor. Thank you for a wonderful product I am also dealing with chemotherapy because I have cancer and this is much easier to tolerate than regular milk when I don't feel like eating and I need to get nutrients into my system.

Best soybean I've ever tried in US. My memory is so much better now too. I had massive amounts of cognitive dissonance to get over. Everything I thought was true I found to be absolutely untrue, like soy is a health food. I am ashamed of not digging deeper, I have guilt that I hurt my kids for a lifetime — I take full responsibility. Thank you Maria for educating me, and everyone to things that people do not want to admit because it is shakes their world. I, for the most part, stay away from all sources of soy.

I have seen where small amounts of fermented Japanese soy may be acceptable in moderation. Is this a healthy option for a greens detoxify, alkalize, energize drink? It contains all non GMO ingredients and stevia. This is very worrying! My 2 year old toddler drinks soy milk a lot because he has cowmilk protein allergy.

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The slightest bit of milk powder will cause rashes and a vomitting fest! So he gets his cornflakes with soymilk and also likes a good cup of soymilk every other day. My Dr. Ss there a natural alternative to soy that will help me to continue on my weight loss journey while balancing my hormones? Worse yet, I actually saw flax milk at the store recently. Flax has much, much more estrogen than soy. It has more estrogen by far than any other plant food. Speed up weight loss and healing! Natural Pain Relief and improves moods and mental clarity.

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The information contained on this site is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition and is not to be used as a substitute for the care and guidance of a physician. Keto Cookies! Fresh Crab Delivered! I am so calm and happy!

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I LOVE food and eating and preparing my food! I never dreamed that to be a possibility 4. I LOVE my body! I feel so good about myself and feel so healthy! My periods are finally healthy and normal a big change! My hair and nails grow so quickly! My hair also feels thicker.

My triglycerides are 14! Healthy Drink.

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